Wednesday, 27 March 2013

LeeStruct Established!!

Yesterday me and my brothers had an agreement and starting from today, Leestruct is established. Leestruct is a Minecraft builder group (I would rather called it a construction group) dedicated to build the best Minecraft construction to the community as best as we can. You can now go to our official blog or our Facebook Page to receive future updates from our group. What are you waiting for, Go now!!!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

I Hate Apple, Seriously

When Apple revealed the Ipad Mini, I'm like "WTF is wrong with you Apple, are you copying Asus's Nexus 7 design?!" Don't know if Google or Asus is going to sue them but  I will say here, I'm Anti-Apple.

Why? That goes a long long time ago. Back then when Iphone 3GS was released, I was so ecstatic that I wanted my parents to buy them for me, but you know, they refused (as they are cheap stakes, ha ha!) So I waited and waited and waited and waited and waited.....and then I'm like "FUCK YOU Apple for trying to eat my money" (unless you thought when was that, it was 2010.

Two years later, Apple fucked up the tech industry with its Ipad x, Iphone x, Macbook Air, blah blah blah......anything you can think its Apple. You call it revolutionary, I call it Anarchy, Monopolist.

Then comes legal ligitation, Steve goes to "iHeaven", Tim Cook goes on with Steve's "thermonuclear war" with Google's Android. Bitch, please, you are basically destroying the competition man.

Yeah, yeah then the fan boys "Microsoft Sucks!", "Windows 8 Bitch", "Surface A Heartbreak" (from anti-Microsoft website Gizmodo or should I say Gawker Media Inc.) Right now there are some Apple biased review against Surface for Windows RT. God, why are you guys (The Verge and some pro-Apple Website) comparing it to the Mother Fucking New Ipad?!

So, what now? Well I would say "Fuck You Apple" again but if Microsoft loses the stake with Windows 8, I would say "Fuck You Apple Fan Boys". Finally a kind message to CEO Tim Cook from Apple:

Dear Tim Cook,

I'm a long time PC user and I'm happy with it now, so stop screw up the world to turn it into Iworld where people use your product and I hate that. I know you like your high price strategy for your products and you seem to be making a lot of money from it. But do you even care for the competition, you are making yourself Mr. Worldwide and destroying every competitors you challenged. You destroyed the PC industry with your Macs and to be honest, they are not very useful to me. At the end the tech industry is not perfect with you messing with it. Well, enjoy watching Foxcomm workers die everyday, hope you like watching it and pray to God and say "Make me King of Tech".

Lee Guan Rong,
PC and Android User.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Gawker and Reddit: Vigilantism or Violations to Personal Privacy??

The past week has been hell of Reddit user as their most controversial user "Violentacrez"'s identity is being unmasked (or should I say, leaked) by the so-called internet vigilant gossip website Gawker, which in turn is Michael Brutsch. He lost his job, his subreddit r/creepshot deleted and outrages in the internet community against Gawker's intention for money and Reddit's unrestricted R&R (which is Rules and Regulation).

To me, Reddit is nothing more than a wild west of the internet community, where gore, racists, extremists, rightist, leftist, violence, nude, Tea-Partyists, Nazisms etc. etc. etc. exists. Of course there are goodies inside but I prefer not to. Gawker?? They are like, during the first visit I was like, what the hell of these editors?! The Editor Adrian Chen, who's responsible for destroying Brutsch's life right now might be having a good for justified the guy who controls the subreddit which contains malfunction wardrobe and sneaky photos of, well, you what I'm trying to say.

The thing is, Adrian Chen is a sociopath, like what the comments said in his Gawker profile. He and Gawker, to me, are the invaders of privacy. True story people take a look at this from this post. I didn't even have no idea how they could have leaked it as the subreddit was only for admins and moderators (unless they have someone from the inside). They call it obtain, I call it stealing.

The reason why I'm typing this now is because, anytime your identity could be stolen, used or even unmasked by someone else you don't know. According to Alex Klein from The Daily Beast:

"......when Chen first started poking around, Violentacrez allegedly offered to delete his account and quit Reddit for good, if Gawker refrained from publishingAccording to Brutsch, Chen refused."

Also Justin Green from the same press:

  "......and Gawker writers portray themselves as leading the charge against anonymity and creepiness. (Just not enough to turn down a paycheck from one of the leading purveyors of such content.)......"

What do you think now, Adrian Chen, Gawker??

Yes, the victims who fall into the creepshot thing will fell justified with now the bad guys defeated. But who's the bad guy here? It's Gawker, why?? After doing a little digging into the archive dump of reddit (with the power of Google of course!), it turns out from this post, turns out someone from the Reddit mods team was a rat to Gawker and Adrian was using them to leak it out (and that explains the leaked memo) and Butsch was about to delete his Reddit account and clear himself but Adrian thinks he's a badass and started the whole thing.

Conclusion? There is no conclusion on this issue. The thing is that our privacy has been breached by people running blogs for money (that doesn't include me and some other), after reading this post, you might reconsider changing your Facebook privacy setting. But one thing is for certain, if Butsch didn't did it in the first place, the Gawker thing wouldn't have happen now, and if Gawker haven't been a badass he wouldn't had lose his job.

P/S: If you guys think I'm a jerk from Reddit, some pedhophile, an idiot or some internet faggot from outer space etc., come and get me, seriously.

Friday, 28 September 2012

No Idea (October Update)

Seriously I don't know what to type now, but really it's going to be a busy and fun month.
To sumarize it, here's it:

1. The most anticipated games of 2012 released this October, like Need For Speed Most Wanted, Medal Of Honor Warfighter, Dishonoured etc.

2. I'm gonna make my final push for the Final Examination as it will be the only examination that will save me from retainment in Senior 2.

3. ......well you tell me.

By the way, it's great to get this whole thing going and here's a sneak peek, my laptop's review is coming soon this Sunday.


EDIT: Or...... Kind of a fakey fakey promises,haha!

Monday, 20 August 2012


To all visitor!
Welcome to Richard Lee Guan Rong's blog about almost anything, except for women things haha. Anyway, this is the continuation of my previous blog from goddamn wordpress and it's much sleeker and faster as you can see. So, enjoy!!

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